Do you love this idea?

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I like the concept, but not the shape… Sure you can load this up while it’s on your stairs, but once you carry it upstairs to put things away, it’s gonna’ tip and all that junk is going to go all over the floor.
My other concern was that it appears to be a fair-sized basket.  I didn’t want to let that much junk accumulate on the staircase before someone (usually me) puts it all away.

 I’ve seen these online:

But $62.50?  
The name’s Shepherd not Rockefeller.
I needed small, cheap and functional.

My solution:

It’s the depth of the step and just less than the height of the step – so it’s not in the way.
AND it holds one day’s worth of junk!
Better still?
I got it for 5 bucks!