Did you know that tea is the most popular drink in the world after water?

It goes:
1. water
2. tea
3. beer

I concur completely.

I’m not a big fan of water, but I don’t go a day without my tea.

It’s something that’s evolved over time, but so has the tea industry, so perhaps my preference for tea has correlated with that?

It started because Mom’s a Brit. (need I say  more?)
I don’t remember seeing her drink anything except tea growing up.

I started with the little round (or square?) teabags that came in a box with the little porcelain figurine.

Milk and lots of sugar.

Of late, I’ve changed over to flavoured teas, no milk, lots of sugar, and of course my chai lattes.

I’ve been coveting various tea and coffee stations that I’ve seen online:

link to image
image courtesy of The Pinterest Project
image courtesy of Liz Marie Blog
image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

I love them all, but I didn’t need anything this elaborate.

I just wanted a small spot where I could keep my teas, sugar, spoons,etc that was near the kettle.

I didn’t need to leave a teapot out – as much as it would look pretty – it’s just me that drinks tea.
I think the key word that I was looking for was “contained”.

So I took the top layer off of our metal fruit stand and this is what I now use:

It doesn’t take up much counter space, but if I do need more room, I can just pick the whole thing up by the handle and place it elsewhere. 

A friend introduced me to these amazing little guys.
Make-your-own teabags!
Just put a tbsp of your loose leaf tea in one and cinch it up.
No silt in your tea!

 A little silt doesn’t bother me, but I buy them in case guests are.
I usually use the in-cup tea strainer.

I’ve got my little station right next to the kettle and it’s working perfectly! 
My daily go-to.


Have a great one!