I’ve done a post like this once before, it’s an annual tradition I guess – but something about Fall always has me stock piling food.

I like to have a stash of warm dinners ready for evenings when we have Brownies, soccer, skiing or skating… or whatever this year’s agenda brings.


before we start the cook off, I take stock of what we already have.

There’s usually a pound or two of ground beef hidden away in the depths of the deep freezer, soups get shuffled around and seem to drop down to the bottom where we never seem to look, and there will be a meal or two from last year’s hoarding that I completely forgot was there.

Time to take stock….

Clean off last years inventory list.

Take stock of your freezer and keep a running inventory on the top

Arrange/rearrange foods into piles and take count of how many you have of each.

Yup, found some ground beef!

Also forgot we had a couple of containers of ice cream down there (Wahoo – score!)

Freezer - 2

Then with a dry erase marker, list the inventory on the freezer top.

We have an apartment-sized freezer which is more than enough for us, but if you have a “big boy” making this list will be even more helpful in that you won’t have to actually jump into your freezer and wade around trying to find meals or ingredients.

Freezer - 3

Found an entire turkey in there that I’d forgotten we had, and it looks like we’re getting low on spaghetti sauce and lasagna.

Freezer - 5

The great thing about this is that it helps with dinner decisions AND saves energy.  By not opening up the freezer and searching through whenever you’re cooking, you’ll avoid some of the ice build up on the sides (sorry, I just couldn’t get motivated enough to scrape it all down for the photos), and your freezer won’t have to work as hard maintaining its ideal temperature.

Not to mention it gives me reason to turn out another monster batch of my Aunty Edie’s famous chili!

(Another great tip – freeze your meals in freezer bags on a cookie sheet.  Once they are completely frozen, you can remove the cookie sheet and your packages will stand up like an organized set of library books!  Less space, easier to identify!)

Freezer 2 - 1Cream of tomato soup – check.

Chili – check

Time to get a couple of Costco-sized packages of chicken breasts and freeze them in 3 packs so we only defrost what we need for each dinner.

Organize, take inventory and stockpile your freezer for Winter

Have a great one!



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