As I’m writing this, we’re still in the throes of the coldest February on record.  The snow hasn’t been bad – no large accumulations that are out of the norm for our area of Southwestern Ontario, but the cold has been bitter.

February 2015 weather calendar


The temperatures on the above calendar show the high (black) and low (blue) for each day – but what they don’t show you is the windchill.

Windchill, for anyone not familiar, is how the body perceives the cold.  The temperature that it actually “feels like” to exposed skin – and it’s always lower than the actual temperature.  February saw wind chill values drop as low as – 44 celsius in London.  (-47.2 fahrenheit)  This might be more common in Calgary – but I’m freezing my kabeebies off!

Needless to say, February has found us indoors and therefore more indoor projects are going to be showcased for the next little while.

Today: organizing the kid’s craft station.

Organizing kids crafts 1

This is our Raskog cart from Ikea and it’s absolutely FANTASTIC for so many things.  I love the portability of it, and the turquoise is a pretty cute feature too (although it does come in gray and off-white as well).

This is where the girls keep all of their crafting supplies – which increased by a fair bit at Christmas.  As you can see, despite efforts to keep everything in one place, it’s really not that functional at the moment.  Things are piled and spilling over, and you can’t easily see what you’re looking for.

Organizing kids crafts 2

Time for an empty and purge!

Pull everything out:

Organizing kids crafts 3

Get rid of things they don’t use anymore.

Test out all markers and pens to make sure they aren’t dried out.

Sharpen all pencils and pencil crayons ready for use.

Sort like with like and containerize.  Yup – that’s a verb.

Organizing kids crafts 22


Embroidery threads and polymer clay were housed in leftover Tupperware I had in the cupboard.

Organizing kids crafts 21

We purged our colouring books and excess erasers and everything else was put into cute little cans that I found at Target for $1.

I’m not sure if this is “a thing” or not, but I like to put markers and pens with the ink head facing down.  In my mind I think it keeps the marker ‘juicy’ – anyone else on the same medication I am?

I love how easy it is to find what you’re looking for and to return it to its home.

Organizing kids crafts 24


It’s still pretty full, but it has an aesthetic appeal that will make the girls want to use it more often.

As an added bonus, I packaged up all of the extra materials that we weren’t using (but still worked) and dropped them at my physician’s office for his waiting room.

Now the poor “littles” with their colds and ear aches will have something to distract them while they are waiting.

It’s a feel good all around!

Feeling cold, but feeling good. lol


Have a great one!

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