After Christmas and Easter, but before you can put your patio cushions out – does your basement look like this?

Organizing the basement

Hubby and I live by different accounting principles – I am a “FIFO”, First-In-First-Out, where his is a “LIFO”, Last-In-First-Out.  Basically all that means is that I tend to push things to the back of the room to make space, where he likes to drop things at the door for easy access.

See how well the combination of theories is working for us?

Somewhere underneath all of this is a workbench – but the LIFO method won’t let you actually use it.

Organizing the basement


Still riding my high from the closet purge and the residual ‘happiness’ that came from implementing the KonMari method, I decided I needed to tackle this room.  I will admit, I didn’t go through every single bin, but I did purge.

Like items were packaged with like, and containers were put back on the shelves.

Organizing the basement

The giant piece of MDF is cumbersome and an eyesore – but I’ll need it for upcoming furniture projects, so it has to stay.

I couldn’t really purge Hubby’s tools, but at least they are housed so that the workbench is somewhat usable.

Organizing the basement


Better still, you can actually get into the room!

Organizing the basement

That’s the same angle, from the door, that was in the first photo.  Do you feel like you can breathe now?

Organizing the basement

You’re thinking – that can’t be all of the same things in there?

Nope, part of the KonMari method is getting out anything that doesn’t make you happy.

Mess doesn’t make me happy – so out it goes…

Saturday – garage sale!

Basement clean out 2 - 4 Basement clean out 2 - 3


It feels weird to admit this, but I could go sit in that basement storage room now and just “be happy”, whereas before, I knew the mess was lurking and it weighed on me as a “to do” that I hadn’t gotten around to.  Kind of a nagging task that I was putting off for as long as possible.

Now that the initial organizing is done and space has been created, I can always go back and sort each bin out – but if I don’t get to it, the room is still usable and I feel better.

Funny how the brain works?

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