I feel in turmoil.

I post articles about organizing different spaces and the before and afters as though I’m some sort of expert – when really behind the scenes, the organizing doesn’t last all that long.

The next batch of groceries comes in and stuff gets stuffed here and there and within a month or so, I’m pretty close to being back where I started.

Does that make me a blog-fake?  “This is what to do, and how to do it – but it won’t last” kind of hypocrite?

Truth is, I wish it would last.  Bins and baskets and buckets are put into place in the hopes we won’t regress – and honestly, we are better than we have been in the past…. or at least I am. lol

Having written all of that, it’s time to do another “organizing the bathroom cupboards” post…

Despite my efforts my cupboard has ended up like this again:

Organizing the bathroom 02

Not atrocious, but not perfect either.

Time to empty out and wipe down.

I found the white baskets at Dollarama and the stackable bins at Home Depot – they’re actually meant for tools etc, but I was there and they fit the bill, so now they are bathroom storage.

I will suggest that Walmart or Target are better places to buy bins like these – these were $7 each, and while they’re super-durable, it really is just a bathroom cupboard.

Organizing the bathroom 04


I decided that I didn’t like the look of the mismatched storage pieces, and I had some hammered finish spray paint leftover from the lamp, so I decided to coordinate the pieces.

OCD much?

But look how much cleaner it looks:

Organizing the bathroom 06

From here, I just sorted like with like and tucked my items away.

My Step-Dad was a Dentist, so when he retired I scooped up as many of his sample toothpastes as I could carry.  Likewise with the toothbrushes.

Hey look!  I found my mouthguard!  Just in time too, I have to visit my dentist this week.

The last bin?  Well, we’re all (mainly) girls here – it’s gotta get stored somewhere right?

Organizing the bathroom 08

I used the little drawer container to hold my nail items.  My daughter has most of my nail p0lishes in her bathroom, but this stuff stays in mine.

My far-too-large collection of Jamberry nail wraps:

Organizing the bathroom 09Next drawer has files and tools:

Organizing the bathroom 10

Then the top drawer has the few polishes I keep tucked away so the girls don’t paint their toys with them:

Organizing the bathroom 11

Cute, compact and organized – whew!

I only needed two other containers in my cabinet – the bins cleared out a lot of space – so I use one for my skin care stuff:

Organizing the bathroom 12

and the other has hair products, cotton balls and nail polish remover.

Nice and tidy!

Organizing the bathroom 13


I did purge two grocery bags of wrappers, boxes, hotel-sized and expired items between my cupboard and Hubby’s – so it feels pretty spacious right now.

Organizing the bathroom 07

The before and afters – my cupboard:

Organizing the bathroom BandA

and Hubby’s – which is actually pretty empty because I need to go get some kleenex and toilet paper. lol

Organizing the bathroom BandA 2

Love those coordinating baskets!

Total cost: ~$35 for both cupboards – but again, the stackable bins can be found for less I’m sure.


Have a great one!

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