We have a small “apartment-sized” freezer in our basement.

It’s at least 10 years old – I’d even guess closer to 20 – but I’ve only ever needed a Freezer Repair Murfreesboro company to look at it once and it’s the perfect size for our family.

(please forgive the scruffiness of my freezer – I have more than a few paint drips on it)

Only problem – I always forget what’s in it.

Even though it’s small, it’s still as deep as any other chest freezer, so things get shuffled and shoved to the bottom and I forget what I’ve bought, made and/or stored.

No more!

I took about 10 minutes today and jotted down the contents


With just a black dry-erase marker!

I put ticks next to each item so I know how many I have, and so it’s easy to just wipe one tick off every time we pull something out and use it.

This has got to be a money saver if only because we’ll be able to see, and use, some of the existing food before running out for more.

As long as you use a dry-erase marker, it shouldn’t damage your freezer top either!

Love this! – Thank you Pinterest! 

Have a great one!

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