My kitchen has four upper cupboards.


There are 8 lower ones, but only 4 uppers – which are filled with cups, plates, mugs etc.

This means that all food, and most counter appliances – live in the pantry.

You’ve seen my pantry – it’s packed – so when I bought my new ice cream maker and borrowed my Dad’s blender, I was WAAAY beyond capacity.

Fortunately, I had an Ikea Raskog cart just waiting for such an occasion.  I bought it months ago planning to use it for craft supplies, but I’ve since started doing more building, so it’s sat in its package in the basement.

Ikea Raskog cart - used in the kitchen as a baking cart

If you decide to get one of these, don’t worry – it’s relatively painless as far as an Ikea build goes.

Raskog baking cart - 2

I was hoping to use all three shelves so I could fit more ingredient containers, but my mixer was too tall.  No worries though – I make cookies the most and flour sugar and brown sugar are the key components anyways.

Now when I’m ready to whip something up, I can just wheel it out of the pantry and set up next to the work surface!

Raskog baking cart 2 - 1

My mixer is off of the counter, moving these baking supplies to the cart freed up space on the pantry shelf for my ice cream maker and blender – and it sits in front of lesser-used items, so it isn’t in the way.

Raskog baking cart 2 - 3

Just to test the effectiveness of my new kitchen-organizer-baking-cart, I made up a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Raskog baking cart 2 - 4


Recipe to come – they were gone so fast I didn’t get a chance to take photos!

For more ideas on how to use a Raskog cart, check out this blog post.




Have a great one!




Too funny - if job titles were accurate

If job titles were accurate