I’m not going to show a before and after here because my linen closet was relatively tidy.

Rather, it wasn’t such a mess that I would have received the “Oooooh” response I would be hoping for after the transformation.

Instead, I’ll just show you how I organize it and maybe it will be something that might make your life easier as well?

The one thing I do that makes life so much easier, is put all pieces of a bedding set together in one lump.

I tried this:

via Pinterest

but I found folding the sheets to fit perfectly inside a pillow case to be tedious… then trying to shove them in to a case uber-annoying!

This works for me:

When you tuck it on the shelf all you see is the outside edge, so it’s aesthetically pleasing, plus it’s so much easier to fold!

The girls have another linen closet down the hall and I do the same for them:

I love that it looks so nice and tidy….
two of the very few things in the house that are.

  Have a great one!

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