I think I have some kind of hormonal imbalance.  A fluctuating one, because some days I can cope with mess (I’m not happy about it, but I can cope) then other days I want to throw everything out.  Maybe I have a super-power that no other mere mortal has…  clutter vision.

We have a small mudroom in our house and Hubby has built shelves for me, put in a closet organizer and hooks and I’ve even painted up an old bookshelf to use as shoe storage for the girls….

should be perfect right?

We’ve created an easy storage solution with a place for everything.

Somehow my husband and children can’t see it?
Disheveled mudroom with coats everywhere and shoes strewn about

Have I incorporated something that is difficult to understand or use?  Is the thought of hanging a towel or putting grocery bags away foreign to everyone except me?

I hate to think I’m the only nutball in the entire world – but that’s the only explanation I can think of for not being able to see this.

And I wear glasses!  Clearly super-powered, x-ray vision glasses.

Another chore for Mom I guess.  (sigh)

Organized mudroom with shoe shelves coat hooks and a bench for seating

The gorgeous closet he built me?

racks filled with shoes inside a closet

and the after:
organized shoe racks within a larger closet

One of the messiest things in the mudroom were the grocery bags.  I did a post in 2013 about how I choose to keep them organized, but it’s worth revisiting given that no one in my family reads my blog (as evidenced by photo 1).

10 second tidy that clears a ton of bags into one tiny space:















There’s 2 dozen grocery bags in this little 7″x7″x7″ container, AND there’s still room for at least 3 dozen more!

Easy to carry to the basement to have on hand for cat litter, or put one or two in your pocket for walking the dog.

SO much better than stuffing bags into bags.

Don’t think Hubby and the girls got off easy for the mess; there was a fair amount of purging done, and none of them know what I’ve thrown out! 

Muah-ha-ha-haaaaaa!  (evil, vindictive laugh).

Have a great one!

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