Do you have a medicine cabinet? A medicine cupboard? Someplace that you store your Tylenol and allergy pills that is out of reach of children?

We do, and while I could have sworn I just organized it a year ago, I did find medications in it that expired in 2011?

I wouldn’t have found them (until I went to use them) if it hadn’t been for this:

Unorganized and over-stocked medicine cabinet

Poor Maddie is suffering from a very painful UTI, so when I went to find some Tylenol for her fever and pain – this is what I opened up to.

I was grateful that the Children’s Tylenol was at the front of the cupboard, but really – does it have to look like this?

Time to empty and purge.

First thing, get rid of all expired medications. There may be some leeway on their effectiveness if they are just a month or two over, but better to be safe than sorry. You wouldn’t want to treat that migraine with anything less effective than full strength would you?

Empty all of your pills into a zip lock baggie or single container. These should be dropped off at your local pharmacy or Doctor’s office for disposal. Flushing them down the toilet or sink, or even putting them in the garbage could lead to seepage into the water table and/or soil (at the landfill). It’s really not worth poisoning the planet if there is a better way. It might be worth considering some 00 capsules and combining some of your medicines (with your doctor’s consent of course) to save space and money!

I found this little drawer container at the Dollarama and it fit perfectly into our narrow cupboard, so I labelled it for easy reference.

It might seem too small to hold all of the medications in your home, but given how many had expired in our cupboard, I’m thinking that I should start purchasing smaller portions/containers to save money and waste.

Organizing medicines 3

Fever includes pain medications as well – Tylenol, Aleve etc.

Allergy includes our spare epi-pen, Benadryl as well as antihistamines like Aerius or Claritin.

Tummy includes Rolaids, Immodium and Pepto-Bismol.

Vague labeling I guess, but easy enough to decipher – and much better than the piling technique we seemed to be using earlier.

Organizing medicines 6

Hubby loves his health supplements, so having a shelf just for that purpose should help with keeping this cupboard organized.

Larger containers, that wouldn’t fit in my drawers now have a home on the top shelf.

A ten minute task that will save your sanity when illness strikes.

Organizing medicines 5


Off to care for my sick baby.

Have a great one!

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