Back to school at our house means starting new habits that will carry through the school year.

Summer has been pretty lackadaisical around here.  The girls stay in their pyjamas until noon if we don’t have anything going on.  Chores have long since been forgotten.

With just a couple of short weeks left until the public schools resume, I want to implement some new chores for the girls.

For everyone actually.

One of which is putting their own laundry away.

At 6, 8 and 38 this doesn’t seem an unreasonable request?  I think they can handle it.
But I’m going to set them up for success (and not failure) by giving them a structure.

Back to school shoes = shoeboxes.

Shoeboxes = drawer organization!



Now even if she stuffs her socks and underwear away, at least they will be sectioned so she can easily find them to get dressed the next morning.


And my largest child, who is by far the worst of the three:

If you run short on shoeboxes, you can space them apart so that the gaps are a section as well – see below – this drawer only has two boxes in it, but it makes 4 sections.

I’m not going to lie – I know two out of the three will be able to handle this.

The third?

He’s a lost cause.


Have a great one!