I was emptying my purse of all the boarding passes, magazines, kids toys, wrappers and receipts from our trip and I noticed my keys….

I have done all I can think of to  deter Hubby from using my keys.

It’s not that I’m selfish;

it’s that he never returns them to me and usually can’t remember where he’s left them.

I’ve added giant key fobs so that the keys won’t fit comfortably in his pocket.

I’ve added a pink sparkly pig – and when the sparkle wore off, I painted it again with blue glitter.

It’s been fairly effective.

He doesn’t like taking my keys – but when he can’t find his own – he’ll still grab mine.

SO, I have a new keychain that he WON’T be able to take to work or soccer or hockey.

The abuse would be too great.

Whaddaya think?

Can’t you see him in the locker room with this shining beauty dangling from his gym bag?

Just imagining the looks on the guys’ faces makes me giggle!
Maybe I’ll hide it in his gym bag for April Fool’s!

I digress….

The easiest way, I find, to change up a key ring is to use a staple remover to separate the two rings.

A quick pinch and done!

This works with pet collars when you have to add tags as well.

Saves your cutlery, scissors and nubby nails if that’s what you normally use.

Remember Schneider?
The building superintendent from “One Day At A Time”?

He always had a massive ring of keys dangling from his belt.
And the weight of it gave him a plumber’s butt. lol

My key ring wasn’t quite that bad, but it did have a few keys on it that I don’t think I’ve ever used…. heaven forbid I should ever bare this crack to some poor, unsuspecting bystander. 

Since I’m not even sure what they’re for, I think it’s time to purge!

Now to glam it up further – a little clear nail polish on the shoe to keep it shiny and to keep the little rhinestones in.

And a coating of hot pink (with glitter) to differentiate my house key from the rest.
(it makes it easier than fumbling through all the look-alikes)

Too cute!

I have a feeling my keys will be safe from now on! If you ever lose a set of keys, it might be best to replace your locks, just to be on the safe side. I’ve friends out in Georgia who’ve had recommended this atlanta locksmith to them.

Have a great one!