A little caught up in my big project over here – so much so that I don’t have a post ready for today – so I’m going to revisit one from a year ago…

Storing magazines:
I’ve gone digital with most of my magazine subscriptions.  It’s cheaper, less damage to the environment and less to put out on recycling day.

But every once in a while I yearn for the feel of glossy paper in my hand.  For the crisp “flick-rip” sound of a turning page.
There’s something so decadent about a magazine (beyond just the price).  

Chapters and Home Depot are my nemeses in this respect.  They always seem to display magazines that I need, that are only available as “special issues” and not by subscription.

So I end up like this:

I’d say at least 60% of every magazine is advertising.  

Some I like, most not.

I solve the problem of accumulation by ripping out the pages of items I like.

This cuts my pile considerably;

From here, I take all my pages outside on a sunny afternoon and flip through them.

If there are a lot of images on a page, I’ll put an arrow pointing to the one item that caught my eye.

I’ll put them in piles by subject like “Decor”, “Organizing”, “Recipes” and the oh so important “For Me”.

The rocks are just to keep them from blowing away in the breeze.

A three-hole punch and a few binder tabs later and you have your own personal magazine!  

One that covers ONLY the things you like!

I do have two binders for this;  One for recipes that I leave in the kitchen and the other that I keep in my bedroom for flipping through when I’m looking for ideas or inspiration.

Okay, so you’re missing out on the glossy covers…
but you’re also missing out on the clutter.

Kind of works itself out eh? 

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