Day 2 of our crafting extravaganza at the cottage!

Remember I told you yesterday that we still had a ton of paint and paintbrushes “just in case”.

I had planned to show the girls how to make a stone succulent garden – so I’d also picked up some terra cotta pots for us to use.

The kids are 6, 7 and two 9 year olds, so I needed something that could span that age group – cactus (cacti?) seemed like an easy enough project that they could all try and add extra detailing as their age/skill allowed.

I started out by painting my pot, and then adding in three green rocks for my cacti.

Painted rocks - succulent/cactus garden


Now this is where it began to get interesting…

I will fully admit to being a Pinterest plagiarist.  I love the projects I see online and I want to duplicate them exactly.

BUT kids’ brains don’t work like that.

They take an idea and evolve it into something different… something better.

Painted rocks - cactus garden


Cacti became boring.

What else has that oval/cylindrical shape?

Time to plant a Minion garden!

Painted rocks 2 - 6


Let’s take it further – if we flip the pot upside down, it almost looks igloo-like right?

You KNOW we need a polar bear family to live there!

Painted rocks 2 - 18

P0lar bears and igloos are found in cold climates like the North Pole right?

Who else might visit a polar bear family at the North Pole?

Painted rocks - Santa and his elf

They’d need a place to sleep as well, so now we need two more homes – one a candy cane cottage and the other…

perhaps Rapunzel’s?

Painted rocks 2 - 14


If you were having company over – like Santa and his elf – you’d want flowers to decorate your table right?  Make everyone feel welcome?

Painted Rocks - flowers

(We actually used these rock flowers to decorate our own table as well)

Not all of these were done in a single day.  The kids would come and go as they were inclined, and each day brought a new idea.

So I’ll argue that no idea is completely original – everything stems from something else.  Heck, there wouldn’t be a car if Ford hadn’t used a wheel (previously invented), an engine (from a train), seats (someone had already figured out that cow hide made leather) and metal (which someone before had learned to melt and shape)

Everything now is just an evolution of a previous idea.

Just let your kids loose with a bit of paint and some rocks and see for yourself!

Painted rocks

Painted rocks – Philosophy and fine art in one crafting project!
Crafting with Kids - painting rocksHave a great one!






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