There were two things left undone on the bathroom transformation I showed here and here:

1. I hadn’t done a window treatment and 
2. I wanted to add a couple of cute accessories….

on a budget.

First off – window treatment.

This was the original blind:


I didn’t even measure – I  just put Frog Tape on the blind in three strips and removed the middle strip.

SO easy.


Then I applied plain ‘ol paint.

This blind will not go through the wash well – but since it has a mechanical component on the back that I couldn’t detach, I wouldn’t have been able to wash it anyways.

I know this matches the decor because it’s the same Benjamin Moore ‘Peony’ that I used on the Dog Canvases here.

Use a thin coat of paint and then layer it on until the space is filled in.

A thick layer is more likely to bleed under the tape.


Remove the tape and voila!


Window treatment = DONE!


I also wanted to have a couple of cute dishes to hold “stuff” – 
I didn’t know what I wanted them to hold, just that I wanted a shot of pink on the counter.

$0.49 clay pots:

Blind & pots05

Two coats of BM’s Peony,


then fill with “stuff”


Pretty cute accessories even if I do say so myself!


The bathroom is finally complete!

Last B and A, I promise!

Have a great one!