Do you have a stash of vases tucked away somewhere collecting dust?

You don’t want to throw them out, because they’re glass and seem more important than a recycle bin object – but really, when’s the last time you had flowers to fill all of them?

Whenever I go into HomeSense I always stop at the little white bud vases with the chalky white finish.  Do you?  They’re usually sold in groupings and might come in glass, or I’ve even seen ceramic ones.  They are just too cute – but I can’t justify them when I don’t use the vases I have now.

Let’s try something today – see if we can make our own.

Take your cheapo vase:

empty glass vase

and if we’re going to try something, we might as well try out a couple of things at once right?

I’d seen a lamp that had been refinished and had this neat striping effect around it – made by blocking off the paint with elastics.

We’re in luck – I’ve got elastics!

Elastic bands wrapped around a glass vase

First thing to note here:  some of my elastics are a bit twisted.  I tried to straighten a few, but with the overlapping I fell short.  If you want to try this elastic technique – get all of your elastics flat.  You’ll see why below.

I had some almond coloured spray paint in the garage, and while I do love the white, since this is my trial version I thought I’d use what I had on hand.

Spray VERY LIGHTLY.  You’re better to do several very light coats than a few heavy ones – drools are not easy to get off of glass.

spray painted vase

Spray paint it upside down so that no paint gets inside the vase.  Even small amounts of paint will kill flowers should you use this vase down the road.  You can spray paint the bottom, but when I filled mine with water and didn’t make sure the bottom was thorough dry (from water splashes), it ended up sticking to my counter and tiny bits peeled off.  Not a big deal since it’s on the bottom, but it could potentially wreck you furniture if you don’t notice and leave little paint chips stuck to them.

spray painted vase

The moment of truth – remove the elastics.  I thought cutting them with scissors might be the safest route (versus rolling them up and off of the top of the vase)

Vase with small bouquet


Not bad.

Rustic looking.

I like sharp lines, so this is just “okay” in my books.

Elastic vase 10

Better than the glass version that’s for sure – so I’m ahead of the game in trying.


Next up – a vase that I wanted to match my decor….  this one won’t hold flowers, it’s just for decoration, so I used some leftover paint from my bedroom and ensuite and poured them into the vase.

vase with paint on the inside


I’m wondering if I could have had more swirl-action if I’d poured the paints in and then rolled the vase on its side?

The inside is even more gorgeous:

Elastic vase 8

I do really like this one – and it’s such a pretty piece in my bedroom.

So for a grand total of…

  • Vases = $0  (old ones I had sitting around)
  • Spray paint = $0  (open can I had in the garage)
  • Elastic bands = $0  (stolen from Hubby’s desk)
  • Wall paint = $0  (leftovers from painting my room
  • Total:  = $0!

I have two new decor pieces!

That’s a good day!

Have a great one!


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