I don’t clean my pantry out very often.

Maybe a few times a year, and usually right around the time that the schools come knocking for donations for the Food Bank.


I couldn’t deal with this anymore:

Our kitchen is a decent size, but we have a poor layout that only gave us 4 upper cabinets and 8 lowers – and those house dishes, corning ware, tupperware etc.
All of our dry food resides in here.

It’s to the point where you have to lean in over the mop and protein powder to reach things – which stresses me.
It’s also to the point where I can’t easily find what I’m looking for – which annoys me.

Time to purge:

The water jug hasn’t worked since I bought it, but the Tupperware Rep I purchased it from won’t take it back.

Speaking of Tupperware – I LOVE the stuff – but Hubby said it was a waste of money.
Yes, if you don’t use it – then you have totally wasted your money.

But I WANT to use it.

I WANT to be able to see how much of what is left.
I WANT my cookies to be fresh and not soggy-stale from the bag.
I WANT to be organized.

It’s the rest of the Fan-damily that insists on using boxes and then leaving them in the pantry empty.

Yup – EMPTY!

Makes me frickin’ nuts!  (Please excuse my french)

All of the above bags, containers, boxes and canisters were emptied (if they weren’t already) and the contents put back in their proper home.

And look!

You can find what you’re looking for!

In fact, I found out that we also have some issues with cookies (I found 6 bags) and sugar (I found 5 kilos).
Just cleaning this up saves me money on my grocery list because I’m not re-buying something that is already hidden in the “black hole”.

Now my only problem will be to keep my hands off of those cookies with them sitting there front and centre.

If you’re looking for some of these pieces – I’ve put links below.  The “Modular Mates” sets are brilliant!

Have a great one!

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