I am in love.

I’ve found another blog that speaks to my soul almost as much as this one does.

The Blogger is brilliant, creative, a great photographer and comes up with new ideas daily…   swoon.

Her name is Lia Griffith and this is what she does:

Paper feathers by Lia Griffith

Okay this isn’t all she does, but it gives you an idea of what I’m raving about.

These are paper feathers!

Have you ever seen paper feathers look this good?

I haven’t.

So I needed some for myself….  but I can’t write a post that is a complete plagiarism of someone else’s work – no matter how fantastic that person is.

So I took her pdf file and made some paper feathers of my own.  (For the pdf or svg file for your cutting machine, you will need to subscribe to LiaGriffith.com)

Paper feathers for place settings, book marks, gift toppers etc.

Yup, had to gold tip them as well.

The difference in my post is that Lia’s team used their feathers as gift toppers.

I was experimenting with tablescaping and decided to use mine at each place setting.

Feather bookmarks 2 - 1

I like the “Gratitude” one for Thanksgiving – I may have to cut a few more.

Feather bookmarks 3 - 1

Then I thought, “Why not put them in the drinking glasses as well?”

Looks cute right?Feather bookmarks 4 - 1

Then, as I was arranging all my feathers here there and everywhere, I noticed that the off-cuts looked pretty good together too.  They were overlapped slightly, so it seemed like it was meant to be.  I glued them in place and look at my new book mark!

Feather bookmarks 5 - 1

Or you could go with the original – whatever floats your boat.

Paper feather bookmark


Thank you Lia for your creativity (and for the image files)!  BTW, if you’re ever hiring, you have a HUGE fan in me!

Have a great one!



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