As it stands right now, I found this project to be a waste of time.  I found this cute little crate at the curbside one day and had to pick it up.  There’s something about boxes and bins that makes the OCD in me come out – and I was sure I could come up with a cute and decorative way to use this.

Paperwhite crate  - 1

So I scraped off the gunk inside, sanded it down, removed and refinished the handles to a shiny gold and painted the entire thing in two coats of red.  But it was missing something?  I thought about filling it with ornaments, but it’s a small box and only a few would fit in.  Then I thought about stuffing it with greens – but my brain was saying “why?”.

Finally I decided that I’d use it to house my paperwhites.  You see, I’d planted these a week or so ago in small clay pots thinking that I’d be able to place little bundles of paperwhites here and there in my Holiday decor.

Little did I know that the root systems on paperwhites are big – and the bulbs managed to push themselves right out of my little pots.

Paperwhite crate 2 - 1

I lined my little crate with a layer of plastic (grocery bag) and cut away the excess and then filled with soil and transplanted my bulbs.

This is going to be much better for my flowers, but there’s still something not quite right about this?  It just doesn’t scream “I LOVE CHRISTMAS” to me – and that’s really what I was going for.

Paperwhite crate 2 - 2

So while the crate turned out well, and the price was right – unless these paperwhites blow my mind in this cute Christmas carton – I still have to go with “this project was ever-so-slightly a ‘fail'”.

Paperwhite crate 2 - 5

By the way – it’s time to plant your paperwhites and amaryllis bulbs if you want them to bloom in time for the Holidays!

Paperwhites Crate


Have a great one!

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