Chloe’s been home sick for the past couple of days.  It’s just a cold, but it still breaks my heart to see her suffering.

On the other hand, two days stuck inside with a sick child can also make you batty.

I snuck out for an hour yesterday just to air out my brain a bit.

Destination:  Dollarama!

I needed a few supplies for upcoming posts, so I just wandered the aisles for a bit delaying my return home… 

because not only was Chloe sick, but Hubby’s come down with it as well.

Anyways, I had to share my huge SCORE at Dollarama yesterday;

Lee Valley Tools


 After my garden explosion of last summer, I’ve been eyeballing these tomato spirals from Lee Valley.  My plants last year actually collapsed my tomato cages, so I was hoping this would be a better, stronger option.

Dollarama had them for $1.25 each!!

I love it when you find a deal!

The other thing I found there – which I think they carry all the time – is this little plastic carrying case:

The girls have a ton if little nail polishes and paraphernalia for pedicures.  I thought we could personalize this up to make them their own portable pedicure kit.
They chose the font, and what they wanted to call it and I just sent it through the Silhouette.

I present, the $2 Pedicure Pal:

They were so pleased to have this “grown up” kit that they immediately started their own spa and did each other’s nails.

$2 bought me an hour of peace… 

and it’s pretty cute.

Mommy might make her own Pedicure Pal sometime as well. lol

Have a great one!