This craft has been on my to do list for some time now.  I don’t know why I haven’t attempted it before – it’s not difficult or expensive and the results are fantastic.

I decided to try it now for three reasons 1.  I went to the most amazing thrift store EVER the other day and I came across an entire row of blank mugs  2.  we’re nearing Valentine’s Day and I wanted to make another craft or two before the actual day and 3. my friend and inspiration “Amazing Amy” just opened up her own graphic design business, “Open to Design” and I wanted to give her a little congratulations gift.

No, I’m not giving my gift recipients used mugs.  I’d totally drink from them, but it seems completely inappropriate to buy a used mug for someone else.  Dollarama had some nice plain white ones, so new was affordable as well.

three white mugs with tags on them

While I’ve seen tutorials and pins online that tell you that you can use a Sharpie on glass and china – it is a specific Sharpie marker that they are referring to.

You need one that is specific to glassware and/or wood, or it won’t last – even if you bake it in the oven etc.  Truthfully, I’ve tried regular Sharpies and even with baking etc – the writing/image WILL wash off.

This is the Sharpie you need:
Sharpie marker (for glass and/or wood) in packaging

and it comes in a ton of colours.  My local Michael’s sold this for $6.99, but with your 40% off coupon that comes to $4.20, and it will do dozens of pieces (depending on the image).

First thing you’ll need to do is wipe down your mug (or whatever piece you’re using) with rubbing alcohol.  This will remove any oils, dirt and residue that might interfere with the Sharpie paint adhering.

From here you just draw away!

I had a specific image and font in mind, so I cut out some adhesive vinyl with my Silhouette machine and stuck it to the mug (if you’re right-handed, this would be the outside face of the mug while you’re holding it)

Sharpie in packaging lying next to mug with adhesive vinyl image reading "Open to Design"

You can colour in the words, or what I chose to do, was to dot repeatedly inside each letter.

paint dots within the O and P letters


Make sure that if you dot your image, you dot over the edges so the image will have a definitive line when the vinyl is removed.

Wording "Open to Design" completely filled in with paint dots

Once the paint has dried, carefully remove the adhesive vinyl.

Mug with wording on it "Open to Design"

If you have any little smears, wait until the paint is hardened and you can gently remove with a scraper/sharp item.

The Sharpie paint pen does have a slight odour to it, but our projects were small enough that I felt comfortable letting Madison make her own Valentine mug for her teacher.

Blogger's daughter working on dotting the mug with paint pen

But I chose the wording on the vinyl;

Mug with caption "I wish this was vodka"

Come on, if you had to teach grade 3 math year after year, you’d wish for vodka too wouldn’t you?  (I only suggest this if you know the teacher and they have a good sense of humour).

bottom of mug with painted writing (heart) M.S. 2014/2015

Maddie put her initials and the school year on the bottom.

two mugs filled with Valentine's treats - "I wish this was Vodka" and "Have I told you today that I love you"

The second mug is from Chloe for her teacher.

Probably more suitable as a teacher and Valentine’s gift.

The project you see in the background is coming up, so keep coming back to see more!

Have a great one!



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