As you may have guessed, I’m an animal lover.

My fur-babies are (very nearly) as precious to me as my real babies.

So when I saw these storage canisters at Ballard Designs, I immediately wanted them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.11.13 PM
Ballard Designs

They satisfied the OCD in me in that they are clean and compact.  They keep the food fresh and they are aesthetically pleasing.
I mean, I could leave these out when company came over they’re so pretty!

Only problem – the price tag.

The smallest container is $52?!

I needed an alternative….

I bought an old Silhouette machine from a friend looking to get rid of hers. 
I purchased a couple of silhouette images online and created these labels with some adhesive vinyl:

 The above is for training treats, below for grooming supplies,

and these giant ones are for food and cookies.

I bought these airtight containers years ago from Miles Kimball.
I see they still have a 3 piece set for $29.99 here.

The largest container fits a giant bag of dog food.

I like them because they have a hinged lid, they have a clip-lock (so hungry little noses can’t wedge it open by themselves) and they come on castors.

I think they look amazing!
But what if you don’t have a silhouette?
I got your back!
I came up with these little pdf’s that you can print out on your computer onto Avery 5163 shipping labels:
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.08.08 PM
printable pdf here
or by themselves:

Copy and paste the above images or use the two-per pdf sheet here:

Two-per sheet (blue) here.
Two-per sheet (pink) here.
You can print them off on regular printer paper and attach them to your containers with glue or tape!

Now we can all have gorgeous pet food storage containers!

Have a great one!