I haven’t shared this on the blog yet, but about a month ago we lost our “Main Man Milo”.

He had a ‘blockage’ (sort of like kidney stones) back in February and we were able to get him flushed before his blood became septic (to the tune of $1,800).

The blockage re-occured again in May, and short of a surgery to re-route his urine stream, there was nothing we could do.  The surgery would have been another ~$5,000 and was very invasive – essentially routing him from a boy to a girl tract.  We couldn’t afford the surgery, or to see him suffer – and he passed quietly at home at the ripe old age of 3.

Milo 2

(August 2012)

Milo 3 Milo 4

Needless to say, we were devastated.  Even Hubby shed a tear as we buried him in our backyard.

A dear friend knew of his passing and made a remembrance gift to commemorate his short life.

Remembrance gift for a lost pet

Oh!  I get a bit sniffly just seeing it.Milo remembrance  - 2

It’s a tiny little bottle with a heart suspended inside.

Milo remembrance  - 3


The time and attention to detail that she put into this – from the invisible thread, to the twine-wrapped neck.  You know the design work could only be from Amazing Amy.

What an incredibly thoughtful and creative gift.

Milo remembrance  - 5


It sits on my bookshelf as a reminder of the little life that was lost (and of the value of friendship).

Thank you Amy.

Rest in Peace Milo.




Have a great one.




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