This isn’t my craft or DIY, but it is someone’s, so since I have a vehicle for sharing, I thought I would…

Great ideas should be shared right?

I’m part of an AMAZING Facebook page that connects Moms with small businesses.  I won’t share the name here – it’s a local page – but with over 3,000 members it is a spectacular resource for finding whatever it is you need.

Between 3,000+ Moms we can find, create or know someone that can get you just about anything.  Would that be like a Mom-mafia?  Momfia?

This is one such example that I had to share;

Earlier this week a Mom posted a photo of a baby in Monster bum pants (aka crabby pants) asking if anyone knew where to find them.

Crabby pants 7

Numerous women stepped up and either offered to make them, or posted a referral to someone that did.

These were just too cute to not look into further, so I followed the thread and found Andrea at AGK Originals.  She creates these adorable outfits for photo props – but in all honesty, if my girls were small enough – I’d let them wear them everywhere.

Check these out!  (click any photo to be linked to AGK originals page)

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 9.58.03 AM


I mean seriously, can’t you just picture little bums crawling or toddling around in these!  These are cute enough to EAT!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 9.57.50 AM


That’s not all – Andrea also does the coordinating hats to go with he monster bums!

Crabby pants 4


Crabby pants 2

Image courtesy of Hearts of Dutch Photography – click photo to link.



Her talent has no end – you NEED to go to her Facebook page and check out the “Batman” version, or the football, or the hats…

Oh my goodness the hats – and not just for infants – shark hats, rhino, bear, Monster High, even adult slouch beanies – you name it, she’s made it!

I had to share a few more of her creations here – again, intended as photo props – but too cute not to wear everyday…

The puppy:

Crabby pants 1


and this one for Easter – complete with carrot and bunny tail!

Crabby pants 5


I have no idea where she came up with this one, but the knitting is spectacular!

Crabby pants 6


This is not a sponsored post – honestly.  I did get Andrea’s permission to share her work, but this is posted to show some great ideas and incredible talent.

Head over to her page and like, share, pin, BUY.  I don’t want this woman going out of business before I have grand-babies to dress! lol

Thank you Andrea!


Have a great one!

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