This post seems particularly fitting today – Remembrance Day – as we give thanks and remember all of those who have given their lives to protect us and keep our country(ies) free.

Thank you – I remember.

I have more wreaths than I do doors – in the entire house – inside and out.  But when I saw this one on Thistlewood Farms, I had to add one more to my collection.

Photo Wreath - Thistlewood Farms

click image to go to Thistlewood Farms tutorial

This is called a memory wreath or photo wreath and it’s just gorgeous!

It just so happens that a cousin dropped off her silver framed place settings from her wedding.  Actually, she dropped them off about a year ago and I was stumped trying to come up with ideas on how to use them – until now!  (Thank you Norma!)

The little frames were 6cm by 4.5 cm, so I went through my photo library and exported images that would fit that space (no panoramic images, or photos of people spread out) from 2015 to my desktop.

From there, I imported the images into a word document and (right clicked) resized the images to those dimensions.  I picked some of my favourite moments from this past year and printed them off in black and white.

How to - Christmas Photo Wreath

I had a green foam wreath form, but I wanted something a bit more rustic to really offset the shiny silver frames – so I cut strips of burlap and wrapped the wreath.  Just add dots of hot glue here and there to keep it in place.

You’ll want to figure out the spacing of your photos before gluing – and remember to leave room for a bow and ribbon for hanging.

Photo wreath - 2

I broke the little frame stands off of the back of each frame and then hot glued each one into place.

Add a long ribbon for hanging and a second ribbon tied around it for your bow.

Photo wreath - 3

That’s it!

If you choose moments from a specific year, you could always add a final frame or banner across the middle to read “2015” and then create a new photo wreath for each year.

Photo wreath - 5

We had record-breaking temperatures last week, so the background does not look at all Christmas-y.

Photo wreath 2 - 6

Hang it on your dining hutch or on a wall you pass often and get a daily dose of the ‘warm and fuzzies’ as you look back on your adventures and loved ones.

Photo wreath 2 - 8

I’ve seen more elaborate enamel frames at Michael’s in their dollar bins – you could leave them as-is or spray paint them silver if you want.  Alternatively, dollar stores usually carry small plexi frames that you could use as well.

To get the really full look of the inspiration wreath – click over to Thistlewood Farms and see how she attached hers with wire.

Christmas crafts - Create your own photo wreath


Have a great one!

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