Super easy DIY today… in fact, only two photos long;

The “Pill Tracker”!

AKA writing on your pill bottles with marker.

I’d seen this before, but I don’t usually need to take anything that requires repeated doses throughout the day.

This week however, Lacey had to get “fixed” so she had an anti-inflammatory that had to be taken twice a day, and my self-diagnosed eczema turned out not to be eczema at all and having left it for two months now requires antibiotics.  (learned the hard way)

It’s all I can do to remember my name, much less when Lacey and I should be taking our pills.

Insert “Pill tracker” here:

Write right on the bottle the days and the times that the pills need to be taken, then check off as you take/deliver each dose.

Now as long as I don’t mix up her pills with mine, we should be fine.

Or Lacey will be rash-free and my non-hysterectomy won’t be inflamed.

An unfortunate font choice

Have a great one!