I wasn’t sure which had a better flow to it – or maybe an amalgamation to name the new sport:

Pillumo, or Sullow?

How about (relatively safe) MAYHEM!

Dani, in the burgundy, looks like I did at 5 months pregnant!  I don’t know how that pillow shaped itself like that, but it’s hilarious!

Give the kids your (adult) t-shirts and stuff with pillows – then yell “FIGHT!”

Check out the smiles!

I think that says it all.

Even Baby Justy was able to join in!

I told the girls that the next time they argue I’m going to dress them up like this and just let them go at it until the problem is solved.

Stellar parenting right? lol

Nothing got broken – bones or belongings – and everyone had a great time….

…unless you were at the bottom of the pile-up.

Have a great one!

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