Another short post today.  
This is a project we did years ago, but I totally forgot about it until I was showing the photos of the lockers the other day.

In our backyard I have what I call the “hose post” in the garden:

but the hose for the front yard is located in the garage.

We were concerned that any overspray or leaky connections would cause water to damage the drywall in the garage, so we installed a large sheet of plexi glass to the wall and then put up our hose reel.

Hubby drilled 4 holes through the plexi before hanging, and once it was up, he drilled the additional holes for the hose reel.

(I have no idea how I got paint behind the plexi? )

Even after the hose has been dragged through the garden and is covered with mud and sand, nothing gets on the wall.  In fact, I hose the hose down while it’s hanging there.
No damage!

A simple thing, but one we’re glad we did.

Have a great one!

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