You suck at parking

This is just a quick update on something I posted a few days ago;

This was on my Mother’s Day wish list, but I thought I’d better research it further in case I’d lead you astray.

I submitted this image to my city police force asking if I would be doing anything illegal if I actually had these cards printed up.

Turns out, I’m more than pushing the envelope…

“Hi Shelly,
 I can appreciate your frustration with respect to parking infractions.  Please contact me directly to explain further, but you must be mindful of any language typed on the business card.  There are offences listed in the Criminal Code of Canada that may apply to threats of bodily harm/death or property damage.
 Hopefully there is an alternative method for resolving your concerns.

 ___________, Sergeant
Traffic Management Unit
Uniformed Division
City Police Service”

Now I have to call the printer and ask him to halt production of my 10,000 units.

Now I’m going to have to send this message out telepathically… perhaps I can use telekinesis to help raise the correct finger?

Lucky thing Hubby got me the retractable extension cord instead. 

Have a great one!

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