I wanted to write a post showing how I tested out all sorts of gorgeous gift wrapping techniques so that every gift under my tree looked like it was professionally done.

Coordinating wrap and ribbons to match my tree, perfect, billowy bows like Martha Stewart, gift tags handmade with rustic charm and elegance…

BUT, I have a gift snooper in the house….

a 9 year old that has scoured every room, every closet, every possible hiding spot for her gifts.

My only option was to wrap early so she couldn’t peek at her gifts before Christmas day.

I don’t mind really, part of the fun is the kids searching and anticipating and running around like jack-rabbits on speed.  Heck, I used to unwrap the ends of my gifts to peek in, then re-wrap them so my parents never knew.

She is definitely my child.

Instead of showing you a how-to (or how not to, whichever the case may have been), I’ll instead link you to the geniuses that were able to take the time to carefully package up their goodies for the Holidays;

First up – Britain’s expert gift wrapper Jane Means:

(click images for instructions on her blog)

Jane shows how to use eco-friendly gift wrapping solutions – gorgeous and green!

Professional gift wrapping techniques

Like using leftover bits of paper and combining them to make a gorgeous  presentation.


This is the Financial times, pleated and wrapped to excellence – you’d never know this was recycling!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.22.54 AM

Jane’s entire blog is about gift wrapping, so there are thousands of ideas for you to drool over and (ideally) implement yourself.

The Paper Guru shows us the technique for this incredible fan wrap.

Professional gift wrapping techniques

and how to tie ribbon 5 different ways:

Life in the Thrifty Lane (closed site) shows how to take that Starbucks gift card to the next level:

Professional gift wrapping techniques

Two Peas in a Bucket (site closed) has these gorgeous pom moms to stand out from the standard ribbon.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.13.59 PM

and these adorable Santa gifts!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.14.46 PM

Life on Baker Street shows several ways to package up baked goods.


Better Homes & Gardens has a tutorial on weaving your ribbons:

Professional gift wrapping techniques

There’s just something about silk and satin ribbon isn’t there?

Professional gift wrapping techniques

From the basics courtesy of Lisa’s Gift Wrappers:

to perfectly coordinated wrap and bows from Boxwood Clippings:

Professional gift wrap techniques

You could label your gifts with photos like A Burst of Beautiful:

professional gift wrap techniques

Or create your own gift wrap with dark paper and a gold sharpie like LilBlueBoo (you have to see the coordinating journals!)

Professional gift wrap techniques

Head over to Ella’s Kitchen News to see how to wrap awkwardly shaped gifts using pleats:

Professional gift wrapping

If you can afford the printer ink (or can sneak a print in at work), check out Lia Griffith’s complete line of printable gift wrap, bows, tags and gift labels!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.47.24 PM

This post could go on and on with all of the gorgeous gift wrap ideas and options out there, but I’ll close with this;

if you haven’t wrapped all of your gifts by the 24th, you should seriously consider hiring this guy.


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Have a great one!