One of my favourite stores to attempt knock-offs from is Grandin Road.
They have beautiful stuff, but most of it looks make-able, and their prices are through-the-roof – so it’s fun to try.

Case in point – their new fall pumpkin display:

image courtesy of Grandin Road

Really cute right?

But $144 cute? (and that’s without the stands)

Not in my budget.

But these were:  
$2.50 each from Dollarama.
I know they’re not the same quality as the ones above, but I’m willing to forego quality for the one month that they’ll be on display.

I printed out some polka dots on adhesive vinyl  – but you could easily stripe using just painters or masking tape.

Put them on the pumpkins and made sure the edges were pressed down tight.

Top with a couple of coats of whatever spray paint you have on hand.  I had black, so that was a bonus.

They look better already!

I left them in the garage to dry overnight. In the morning I removed the vinyl pieces.

Not too shabby eh?

I’m pretty pleased with these, and even if you had to buy spray paint – the grand total would only be $14.50… still CONSIDERABLY less than Grandin Road.

Just an FYI, I checked out pumpkins at Walmart as well, just to see if they had better pricing – and they didn’t.  Dollarama was the cheapest.  Just wanted to save you a trip.

Some options in case you don’t want to try your own:

Have a great one!