I know it’s only early August, but the sales have begun and I do have a “100 Things 2 Do” goal for myself to PURGE.

I love to purge.

I love to get rid of things that make clutter, or take up space unnecessarily.

If I don’t have anything to purge at my house, I’ve gone so far as to clean out my Dad’s linen closet, and my Mom’s pantry.

I LOVE it.
They hate it – but they humour their OCD daughter. lol

With back-to-school comes the satisfying purge of stained, torn and outgrown clothes.
My girls are almost the same size in clothing and shoes, so there’s not a lot of passback or hand-me-downs…
So we usually have/get to go shopping!

This year I let the girls choose their own outfits (we had several last year that never got worn at all because Mom was so uncool in her selections).

This year – no excuses.

Let me show you the best closet in our entire house:

I have to admit, this one was done by California Closets and had a whopping price tag – but Madison’s room is so small that there wasn’t room left to fit a dresser.

So we agreed to splurge on this bad-boy.

Aaaaah, the beauty of crisp new clothes hanging tidily.  I put entire outfits on one hanger so that all she has to do is pull out one hanger and the shirt, sweater and bottoms are all there.
This doesn’t work all the time as my little fashionista has her own opinions and “Mom, sometimes purple and green DO go together!”.

What do I know?

Chloe does have a few more outfits, but mainly it looks more full because she has a single closet.

The bins at the top are labelled “Too Small”, “Keepsakes/Awards” and “Memories” – the last of which contains a couple of teddy bears and dolls that were either mine or my Dad’s.  (updated 9:45am – my Dad would like me to clarify that there is one bear in there that was his as a child – he does not, nor has he ever, played with dolls).  
There you go Dad – your masculinity is safe! lol

(Chuckle) – I just noticed that I didn’t paint the inside of Chloe’s closet to match her new room!
Note to self:  paint all closets white so you won’t have more work down the road. lol

I’ll show you their rooms another day.

With the closet doors closed. 

  Have a great one!