One of my projects for the summer was to make a PVC towel rack for our backyard.  Nothing fancy, not too expensive and ‘storable’ were my only criteria.  I came across several beauties online:

8 Bar Tranquility Towel Rack

 Outdoor Lamp company 405BRZ Portable Outdoor 5 Bar Towel Rack - Bronze

Either the size wasn’t right, the price wasn’t right or my limited storage options weren’t right.  So…. I had hubby cut one for me according to my own plan.

The height on this is 70″ or 1.8m
I bought three 10′ pvc pipes (3/4″)
8 pvc standard T’s
2 pvc elbows
2 end caps
(Note:  make sure that the standard-T’s, elbows and caps are all the same size as the pvc pipe you’re using, and that they’re not threaded.  The project won’t come together nearly as easily if things don’t fit)
The towel rods were cut at 36″ each – which is the actual width of a standard beach towel.
We built each side by starting with a 24″ piece of pvc (the bottom).
Add a standard T
Add a 8.5″ piece of pvc
Add a standard T
Add a 8.5″ piece of pvc…
and continue until you have however many rungs you’d like.  
Do the exact same thing for the other side and put the 36″ rods between them.
finish the bottom with the end caps, and the top with the 90 degree elbow and another rod and…
Total time:   <1 hour
Total cost:    $39.17
The standard T’s are tight enough that you don’t even have to glue or cement the pieces together.  Just knock them into place and you’re done.
  With a family of 4 over here, we went with 5 rungs, with the lowest accommodating wet bathing suits.
The great news… it’s totally portable so you can move it to wherever the sun is.  It’s totally flat, so you can lean it against a wall, hang it from a pergola, use it in your laundry room when summer’s over, or store it in a narrow crevice somewhere until next summer.