This might be a boring post, but I have enough family and friends that check my blog that I’m going to do it anyways.

September 22nd, 2013
I, Shelly,
and my team of Super-Moms
– Goddesses of Nature and Fitness – 
completed our first ever 

Team “WTF?! – Where’s The Finish” ran through the forest, trudged up muddy hills, waded through water, carried unbelievably heavy logs and yes – we swore like sailors…

but we did it!   



This isn’t me in the above photo – but my teammates have confirmed that this was indeed my graceful technique for climbing the Irish table.

We could hear cheers of support throughout the race course.

Everywhere we went other teams were yelling out WTF?!

Thank you for your kind support competitors.

I too couldn’t help but cheer out WTF numerous times.


We finished at roughly 117th place (of 162 rec teams)!

Hubby finished 10th – but then, this isn’t his first rodeo.

The prize for 10th place was a hot blonde.

In the spirit of the race and camaraderie, everyone cheered for other warrior teams… you could hear people yelling “I signed up for what?” (who finished 25th), “There’s Mud in my Pants” (who came in 46th), “Death Would be Easier” (who placed 54th) and “Mother F*er!” whom I couldn’t find on the race roster – but they must have had a very large fan base by the number of times I heard it.

This is not a war wound;
This is a badge of Xtreme Warrior courage!

(I was very courageous – I have many more ‘badges’ that I can’t show you for fear of indecency charges.)

On the up side – this hurt enough that nothing else during the race seemed painful.  
Proof that the “kick in the nuts to cure a toothache” theory is true. lol

If one of these massive blood clots doesn’t make a beeline for my heart, I’ll be back next year!

Jesse’s Journey ended up raising over $43,000 for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy!

This one’s for you Team “WTF?!“;
How's everyone doing this morning? :P  #morning #fabulous #funny #someecards #silly #cute
You are fabulous!

Have a great one!