I have to premise this by saying this is not a vegan family.  In fact, we’d prefer if the cows ate the greenery and then we ate the cows – through that we hope to achieve all of our nutritional needs.  

Is that Hillbilly osmosis?

Regardless, I would like to be a bit of a positive role model for my girls, so I thought I needed a small vegetable garden in our backyard.

I found some plans on Ana-White.com for a “$10 Raised Garden Bed” and sent the link to hubby.

$10 Cedar Raised Garden Beds 

A little whining, a concession that it would be my Mother’s Day gift (so that it would get done sooner rather than later) and he came through yet again!

Our backyard has a slight slope to it, and hubby is a perfectionist, so our raised garden came in at slightly a lot more than $10 – but this is a long-standing item designed to provide us with years of horticultural and nutritional benefits right?  lol

Well, hubby is proud of how it looks, the girls are having fun planting their own items and I’m pleased that the tomatoes are growing.  

What more could you ask for?

Ah yes…. all the ingredients for salsa!