No, I didn’t spell that wrong – the campaign is called JoyFULL socks and my daughter’s Grade 2 class has asked each family to participate.

A few teachers (we love you Ms. Glen, Ms. Reehill & Ms. Schembri!) have been in contact with the Salvation Army – Centre of Hope here in London. 

They offer shelter to homeless (among many other things) and they have over 1,700 needy clients that could benefit from a pair of socks and some toiletries.

Madison’s job was to fill a sock with daily necessities for a man, woman or child, and then take it to school for the teachers to deliver.

We decided to shop for a little girl and a woman – since we know what they need.

One gift will be from Madison and one from Chloë.

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 We came up with a few extra necessities that we thought the woman might like/need;

 And of course a few extra for the little girl.

 Our job was to package it up and tie a pair of socks to the outside.

I love those rainbow socks!
What a ray of sunshine!  (as we hope the gift will be)

 And we hope the Mom/woman finds some comfort in her package.

Your turn – Tis the Season to go OVERKILL on the RAK’s!


Have a great one!