Did you know that the dryer venting you are currently using is probably NOT up to code?

I didn’t.

My house was built in 2005 at which time we bought a new washer and dryer.  The builder arranged to have them installed as per the manual instructions, with a metal-foil-looking accordian ducting.

Turns out these aren’t necessarily metal at all, but could actually be metal-coated/painted plastic ducting.   

Either way – they are DANGEROUS!

Dryer Vent Safety - What You Need to Know

Dryer Vent Safety - What You Need to Know
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 Make sure to replace any plastic or metal foil, accordion-type ducting material as plastic is not approved for dryer use and some metal foil ducts may not be approved either. You must replace these ducts with rigid duct or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct meeting UL 2158A. You’ll find that most dryer manufacturers specify the use of a rigid or corrugated semi-rigid metal duct which provides maximum airflow. The flexible plastic duct is flammable and it, along with foil type accordion duct more easily trap lints, is more susceptible to kinks and crushing, which greatly reduce or obstruct the dryer air discharge.  


Anything that is easily collapsible should be checked.
What you SHOULD be using is a “Rigid duct, or semi-rigid METAL ductinglike this;

I have to warn you… these are NOT easy to install.
They do not bend as easily – but it’s the bent and corrugated areas in the foil hoses that cause lint build-ups and, potentially, a fire.

I wrangled with it for an hour or so before I called Hubby in to save me.
I had bent, dented and even tore some of the ducting.

After several new swear words, and a little blood (an aluminum cut) – we finally had it installed.

Was it worth it?

At the time of installation… not so much.

After the fact, I can honestly say that I’ll sleep better at night.

A special thank you to Pretty Handy Girl for bringing this to my attention!
Please check out her blog for instructions and a video of what could happen…

Link to installing semi-rigid dryer ducting

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