I know I’ve shown a lot of art ideas over the past week, but it’s been for a reason;  I’m re-doing the girls bathroom and I needed something new to hang for a little punch of colour.
I’ll show you the before and after on that soon – just waiting on Hubby to build me a floating shelf or two to finish it off.

Beyond just re-doing a bathroom though – I think art is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room.  
Go big an bold on a neutrally coloured wall and change the entire feel of  a family room.

Create a small collection of pieces in the same theme to create an elegant, curated gallery.

All of these ideas sound great – but what if your name isn’t Oprah and you don’t have an unlimited budget to work with?

I hear ya sister!

I’m going to teach you how to “cheat”.

Go to HomeSense, Walmart or TJ Maxx or wherever they sell mass produced ‘art’.
Go to the clearance section in that store.
Find a frame that you like and buy it – regardless of the image within said frame.

It could be the ugliest, tackiest, most colour-inappropriate picture – but buy it anyways – we just need the matte and frame.

Better yet, pick something up at a garage sale!

THIS is how you get inexpensive art that you love:

I’ve had these frames sitting in my basement for years.  


I loved them once, but they don’t fit in anymore.

But the frames are okay… 

The brass look is back in again and the matte is neutral enough that I can change things up.

Cut the paper backing off and unscrew the frame, or pull out the matted image if the frame isn’t screwed like this one.

Carefully peel the existing image out (it will probably be taped on one or two sides).

These were the watercolours I made the other day on Waterlogue.  

I spent a total of $11 having them printed on good quality, glossy paper – just through Staples.  
(E-mail the images online, indicate the sizes you want and done!)

Centre your new images within the old mattes;

Then put the frame back together.

This one is my parents’ Florida home – I’ve made it as a gift to thank them for having us.

Makes a great housewarming gift too!

It doesn’t get much easier than this!

I’ve also made a giant 3 foot by 4 foot picture of the family;
again, just an image I sent to Staples to have “blueprinted” and then inserted in to a giant frame that I bought for about $50.

To have something like that custom-framed would have cost hundreds of dollars.

Budget decorating that can be changed out any time!

Have a great one!