I started this project thinking it was somewhat original… I mean, I haven’t seen pins for enamel coffee pot planters anywhere.  I’ve seen tea cups, tea pots and even shoes – but not coffee pots.

I went to the nursery yesterday to get the flowers for my gorgeous creation, and there was a table full of planters.  Granted, they were metal watering cans, but there was a table FULL of them!

Whzzzzzzzzz (the sound of my ego deflating).

I’m going to post this anyways, and hope you’ll forgive my unintentional unoriginality.

I picked up this camping coffee pot at a garage sale last year and it’s been sitting in my garage just waiting for a use.  (A particularly silly and impulsive purchase since I don’t like camping or coffee – but I knew something great could be made with it)

Repurposed coffee pot into a bright summer planter

I like the blue, but I wanted the flowers to play front and centre – so I thought I’d tone it down to a gloss white (with a blue stripe as an accent).

I washed the pot down with a little TSP and dried it thoroughly, then taped off a stripe as best I could.  Because the pot is angled and circular a perfect stripe would have taken hours to fanagle.  I’m too impatient for all of that, so I decided “rustic” would be the look of the day.

Repurposed coffee pot into a bright summer planter

A coat of white primer and two coats of gloss white,

Repurposed coffee pot into a bright summer planterand voila!

Rustic it is!

I did sand it down a bit more to get a few extra scuffs and chips so that it didn’t look like the only part I screwed up was the stripe. lol

Repurposed coffee pot into a bright summer planter

I drilled three holes in the bottom of the coffee pot for drainage and then layered the bottom with stones.  This will help keep the soil from washing out of the pot and it will also allow any water accumulated a place to drain to so as not to rot the roots.

Repurposed coffee pot into a bright summer planter

Plant your flowers, refill the sides with soil and you’re done!

I love this!  It actually turned out even better than I’d imagined, so I’m really pleased.

Repurposed coffee pot into a bright summer planter

And I can say that mine came in at $7 – $1 for the coffee pot, then two flowers at $3 each.  (The spray paint I had already).  The ones at the nursery were $20 each.

Perhaps not entirely original, but a more inexpensive way to brighten up your patio.

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Have a great one!

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