I have to open with a funny story;

Madison and I argue almost daily about her hair.  She has these gorgeous ringlets (that I adore), but after sleeping on them, they become quite knotted.  Every morning she ties her hair back at the base of her neck and puts in a ponytail – without brushing – because brushing hurts.

I totally understand, no one wants to rip knots out of their hair, but there is a hygiene and personal grooming standard that society expects.

The other night, after her shower, we were discussing it again.  I said that she had to start combing her hair, or we were going to have to go to the hairdresser and cut it off.

She walked off to the bathroom and told me she was going to cut it herself.  I thought she was bluffing and was going to come back once she saw that I didn’t bite.

Nope – next thing I knew I could hear scissors cutting through something thick.

This is what I found:

Madison's haircut - 1 Madison's haircut - 2

She did it!  She actually hacked off her hair!  (and she did a pretty decent job).  I was shocked!  I couldn’t believe she just up and cut off her hair – and I have to admit, I was pretty proud too – this child has gumption!  This is not going to serve me well when she’s a teenager, but the fact that she had the spunk to just “show me” was pretty impressive.  That’s my girl!  There’s a fire in behind that soft surface!  FEISTY!

We went to the hairdressers to have it “cleaned up” a bit (there were a few chunks missing) – and now she has this stunning forward sloping bob that looks SO CUTE – AND we won’t (shouldn’t) have any more hair arguments!

Okay – on to the tutorial:

I’ve been meaning to try this for ages – but, as you can see from my photo (in the sidebar), I have short hair.

Not much use for a hairband with pixie cut.

I’ve said I was going to grow my hair out at least twice a year for the last 20 years, but as soon as my bangs get in my eyes, or my hair touches the collar of my jacket, I go crazy.  I just can’t stand the feeling of it.  This time, I’m going to do it!  Not long hair, just a longer style of short – one that is long on top but short at the neckline – think forward sloping bob maybe.

Well, that’s today’s game plan – we’ll see how that goes in a month or two.

In the meantime, it gives me an excuse to create a cute hairband that I can keep things tidy with.

Take an old t-shirt and cut it into 1″ slices starting at the bottom hem.  (throw out the hem itself)

Sailor knot hairband from an old t-shirt

I tried a few versions of this, and you’ll need to make sure your t-shirt has an elastic or spandex component to it.  T-shirts that are 100% cotton won’t work – they don’t curl when they are stretched.

Cut your strips at one of the side seams, then stretch the material out until it looks like this:

Sailor knot hairband - 2

Divide up your strips so you have anywhere from 3 to 6 strips in each of two piles.

Next you’ll want to make a ‘cancer-ribbon’ type shape – left over right – with 1 set of t-shirt strips.

Sailor knot hairband - 3

Bring in your second set of strips and create a ‘C’ over the first ribbon.  Note that part of the ‘C’ goes UNDER the bottom left section of the ribbon.

Sailor knot hairband - 4

This part might look confusing, but it’s really quite easy; take the bottom/right part of your ‘C’ and thread it under, over, under.  Check the photo to see what I mean.

Sailor knot hairband - 5

Pull the upper two sections and lower two sections taught.  Not too tight or the knot will be lost.

Sailor knot hairband - 6

Really, it’s like intermingling two cancer ribbon shapes – one inverted to the other.

Sailor knot hairband - 7

You can tie the ends behind your head, or if you want a smooth finish, sew them together by running a sewing machine over all of the ends and wrapping with a bit of extra fabric.

Cute right?  (ignore all the greys)

Not bad for a repurposed t-shirt turned sailor’s knot-detailed hair band.

Sailor knot hairband - 15

I had some red, sparkly material tucked away, so I decided to try a more glittery version as well. (not sure that the photo does it justice)

Sailor knot hairband - 19

It’s going to depend on the size of your t-shirt and the size of the heads the hairband is used for – but I was able to create two hairbands from one of my shirts – and that was from the hem to the boob area – there was still a lot of shirt from chest to shoulder left (for other projects).  One for Maddie, one for me!

Keep this one on your Pinterest board – it’s easier to have all of the steps in one pin.Sailors knot P

I’m thinking a few more cute head bands and I might just be able to grow it out….  a bit.  lol

Have a great one!

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