I’m pretty proud of myself for this past weekend…

I had several projects that have been looming on my “To Do List” for months.

You saw the Workshop/Storage room cleanup yesterday, but I also wanted to get my 2013 photo album made (via Apple iPhoto) – and I got that finished and sent off.

My Mother-In-Law asked me MONTHS ago to make some sympathy cards for her to have on hand, so I finally sat down in my studio and puttered away at those:

 I needed a couple for myself as well as some friends have recently had losses.

I was out of little birthday cards for the kids’ parties.
These are just little 3×3’s that I attach right to the ribbon on the gift.

  AND, I managed to restock some other birthday cards… and even get a few in the mail ON TIME (which will be the first time this year).

Miss Chloe decided to join me in my card making and sends out a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone:

I finally figured out how to add the “Pin It” image to the blog – so now whenever you see a photo you like – you should be able to hover over it and a “P” will appear.  Click it and it will automatically pin the image to your Pinterest board!

I’ve updated my Media Kit (under the Advertising/Privacy tab above) and the numbers are SPECTACULAR!  Even with a shorter month, the blog still did better than January!

I managed to get some baking done for the whole fan-damily, label the cat food dishes and bins like I did here, and all of this on top of cleaning and laundry.

 It’s been a busy one – but it feels great when something that’s been on the back of your mind finally gets checked off doesn’t it?

Have a great one!