One of our 100 Things 2 Do This Summer items was to visit a museum.

We have a Children’s Museum in town, but I’ve been there so many times that anything more than a half hour drives me up the wall.

Where I haven’t been, in years and years, is the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.  It’s only a 2 hour drive from London, but we never seem to take advantage of it.

This weekend I threw it out there to the family.
They loved the idea…. and then they expanded on it – “What about the CN Tower?  What about the Ripley’s Museum?   YES!  Let’s go to the Ripley’s Aquarium!”


What was supposed to be a fun and educational family day transmorphed into my nightmare.

I’m afraid of fish.

Not the little beta fish the girls used to have – anything contained in a bowl (a SMALL bowl) is okay.  It’s anything outside of a bowl that frightens me.
I see the commercials for Marine Land/Sea World and I have nightmares of the orca that kisses the kid – changing its mind and biting the child’s head off.  (technically a mammal – but it swims and my nightmares don’t discriminate)

I hate swimming in anything but a swimming pool because even the tiniest minnows swimming near me freak me out.

Irrational – but that’s what fear is.

But how can you say “no” to these faces?

Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium

Welcome to my hell:

Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium

Please forgive the photo quality – the lighting inside the building is dark and I only had my iPad with me to take pictures.

It is an amazing facility – apparently the largest indoor aquarium in North America – and well worth the price of admission…. IF you like fish.

There are tunnels through the larger aquariums so you can see the fish swimming all around you.

Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium
Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium

The girls and Hubby were particularly enthralled with the sharks.

There are also areas for the kids to pet stingrays and whatever these things are:

Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium


Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium

It had legs like some kind of crab, but this was as close as I was getting and I only did this to make sure that Madison wasn’t sucked in and devoured.

Creepy giant spider legs peeking beneath the shell.  (shivers)

Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium

There’s even a small booth where you can sell your family by the pound;

Toronto - tour the Ripley's Aquarium

Yup, almost six grand!  If only they were tuna I’d sell them in a heartbeat! (kidding)

What I’ll be dreaming about tonight?

A fish and a spider mixed together (king crab) – if this isn’t everyone’s nightmare, I don’t know what is!
I think the one at Ripley’s was about 4 times this size and looked like he was quite capable of breaking right through the aquarium glass.  I’m pretty confident the sign indicated that he had a taste for blood as well.
I can’t be certain – I didn’t get that close to his enclosure – but I feel fairly sure.

All in all I’d highly recommend this as a site to see.
I won’t be going back
but the family certainly will.

Have a great one!