If you are a crafter, I’m sure you’ve heard of “Washi Tape”.

It’s kind of like masking tape, but much prettier and reposition-able. 

Well, I have an AMAZING NEIGHBOURS that sell Scotch Brand Expressions tape, and they dropped off a shoebox full for me to try out.

Tons of different colours and patterns – now what to do, what to do?

First up – BandAids (Plasters)
This summer the BandAid stash has been used up primarily on my mandolin-slicer injuries – but we do keep a stash of character ones for the girls.

The patterned ones are expensive.

I can get a box of 100 plain bandaids for $10.55 that’s about 10 cents each;
or I can get 20 character ones for $7.20 which amounts to 36 cents each.

Okay we’re talking pennies here – but I’m a bleeder – so it does add up.
And I wanted an excuse to use my new tapes…

Much better right?
Come on – it’s totally cute!

What next?

Aha – I’ve seen some pretty cute keyboard makeovers on Pinterest:

I need to press a few down – but this is kind of a nice way to decorate my little blog space.

Next up?

Oh yes!  The girls use my little jewelry boxes for beds for their Littlest Pet Shop characters….

and while I love Park Lane, this is hardly suitable for a much-loved great dane.

To quote my 8 year old “OMG, This is totes adorbs!”

The best part – Scotch Brand Expressions Tape is less than half the price of ‘real’ washi tape.

I looked up several different sites and I found washi tape coming in around $5.20 with an undisclosed amount of tape on the roll (but it did look to be the same size as these).

The Scotch Expressions came in at $2.33 per 10m roll!

I still have a box of samples left, so I’m not done with the Expressions Tape posts yet.  Amazing Amy and Lovely Lisa are coming over Monday with their creative genius for even more great ideas and suggestions.

Thank you Mark & Irene!

I’m not sure why the US pricing is so much higher?  Perhaps there is more per roll?

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Have a great one!

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