I’ve done a bit of research on these next products…
Personal research in that I’ve been testing them on my own face.
Yes, I love you THAT much, that I would sacrifice my chubby cheeks to a possible outbreak or allergic reaction, just to provide you with a first-hand account of a product.

box of Seacret products in packaging

Since Alanna introduced me to the Seacret Mineral-rich Peeling Gel about a month ago, and then the M4 Magnetic Mud Mask, I’ve been smitten.

The top 4 products in the 
SEACRET™ line are the Mud Soap, the Clarifying Mud Mask, the Mineral-rich Peeling Gel and the Intensive moisture cream.  This combination is the lethal four for your skin;  exfoliating, de-toxifying, cleaning and then moisturizing.  
These are all you need in your skin care regime.
While I can’t personally vouch for every product in the SEACRET™ line, I can tell you that I have broadened my repertoire to include the above to both “test” for you, and in the hopes that they were as nourishing and rejuvenating as the first two I tried.

First thing that impressed me – the ingredients: 

SEACRET™ Mud Soap contains dead sea mud, dead sea minerals, witch hazel and palm oil and it is 100 percent all natural.

I can pronounce, and even spell, all of those words!

The first three ingredients on my Oil of Olay soap: Sodium laurel isethionate, paraffin, sodium cocoglyceryl ether sulfonate.  The first is derived from an acid family, the second is a petroleum product and the third… I couldn’t find.  

Should I be concerned about this?  
Not that I can’t spell or pronounce any of it – but that I’m putting these things on my skin?

Seacret mud soap in packaging

One bar of Seacret Mud Soap costs ~$17 and will last you six months – no automatically renewing subscription that you have to remember to cancel, no further sign-up or sign-in required – buy a bar, try it, like it, buy another bar.

This is a key test for me – the “after the eyebrow wax” test;

every time I get my eyebrows waxed I break out.  EV-ER-Y time!  I’ve tried toners, clearasil, astringents, everything I could think of to balance (or aleviate) the oil that seems to surface, but nothing’s worked.
Until now!
After leaving my aesthetician’s, I came home, washed my face with mud soap and then applied a little of the Essential Moisture Face cream – and NOTHING!
Seriously – no breakout at all!
I’m floored – this has been a 20 year tradition – wax on, zit on.

This has been long-winded – I’m sorry – I’m just so excited to have found something that works so well and is all natural!

My face feels like a baby’s bum – quite literally – and has this soft, milky texture.  I’m in LOVE!

Now it’s your turn!

People are hesitant to invest money in something without having tried it (or having read a glowing review), so Alanna has generously offered a GIVEAWAY!

Yup – the lucky winner will receive a Seacret Mud Soap AND a full-sized jar of Seacret’s Intensive Moisture Face Cream.

Seacret mud soap and moisturizing cream in product packaging


That’s more than $110 in product!

Three entries possible today and more if you come back each day!

You have to try this stuff – and Alanna is giving you the opportunity FOR FREE!

Here’s another option;
Seacret is offering 60 – 75% off of their Holiday Gift sets!
Enter to win, then buy one for a friend!

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Have a great one!