Hubby and I had a deal;
I had until August 1st to get the furniture projects in the garage done and sold or else it was heading out as-is, free.

Ideally, I wanted to do a post on epoxying the garage floor and have a nice clean slate to work with, so stuff had to move for that to happen.

The deal was fair – I came up with the deadline – and my cornucopia of furniture has been sitting and accumulating since April.

Saturday we got to work.

We pulled almost everything out of the garage and washed the floor down.
My front yard looked like a garage sale explosion and we had ads all over Kijiji to unload stuff.


One or two had to stay.  (I have no willpower)

This little guy was a sewing bench.

Sewing LPS 01

Okay, I know you’re thinking – of all things to keep – why on earth would you save a sewing bench?

This is why…

Sewing LPS 02

The seat cushion comes off and it has a little storage compartment inside.
A storage compartment that is just the perfect size for the 101 Littlest Pet Shop toys that I keep stepping on everywhere.

I just mixed together some leftover paints together to give enough to finish one or two pieces of furniture.

A light sanding then first coat of greige;

Sewing LPS 03

One other perk of keeping this little guy is that I can show my friend Steph – who is mid-way to Omaha right now – how to reupholster those seats we didn’t get around to.

Sewing LPS 04

All you need is a flat head screwdriver, material of your choice (upholstery fabric is best) and a staple gun.

First, use the flat head screwdriver to remove all of the existing staples.

Sewing LPS 05

Cut your new material using the old material template, or just wing it and over-estimate like I did here. 

Sewing LPS 06

I start by stapling the centre of each side into place – top/bottom then side/side pulling taught.

Sewing LPS 07

Next I work the corners – there are tutorials out there that will show you how to make a seamless corner – but I have to be honest and say that I’ve never noticed before if anyone has seamless corners on their furniture – so I figured easy is best…. forget the P.I.T.A. technique. 

Once you have your corners stapled down, space your staples mid-way between sections.
So mid-way between the corner and the centre staple, then mid-way between those new sections etc, etc until you have an entire side done.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Eventually, you’ll get to this:

Sewing LPS 08

Just trim off the excess fabric and admire your handy-work!

Sewing LPS 09

No, pink lizard print would not have been my choice as a decorative accent – but the stool is for a 6 and 8 year old to store toys and play on – so pink lizard it was.

Sewing LPS 10

Best part – the toys fit inside!

Sewing LPS 11

Sewing LPS BandA

  Now I only have one eyesore to look at, and not 100’s!

For as long as they keep it tidy that is.

Drive safely Steph & Darren – we miss you already!

Have a great one!

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