I’ve been showing a lot of big projects lately…. but maybe you don’t feel like repainting your entire garage or building an ark?

Today I thought I’d show something small, but invaluable;  

shower hooks!

Nope, I didn’t make the mould, pour the plastic and patent the invention, I was just a customer at a local Solutions store when I came across them.

What I love about these little guys is that they have a double suction layer.  The bottom one (or top in the case of the photo) sucks to the wall, then the top one covers over it so that water can’t get under and loosen the seal.
You adhere it by straightening the hook outwards so that the bottom suction cup sticks out, press against the tile/glass/mirror and then bend the hook downwards to close the other cup tightly over top.

Sounds awkward…. 
how about press and go?  
That’s basically all there is to it.

Oh, and maybe a little wipe down of the shower wall so that there’s no soap scum to interfere with the suction seal.

It holds a couple of pounds of weight, so even when my ENJO body glove is soaking wet, it won’t pull from the wall!

You can’t even see it right?
Totally non-invasive, but uber-functional.

I put a second one in the side of the shower to hold my shower cleaner and squeegee thingy.

The cost for a contraption of this quality and calibre?

Mine came in a two-pack for $3! 

Here’s the link to a four-pack for $8
Check out all of the other “power lock suction” options they have – I’m thinking the toothbrush one would be great for a mirror over a sink?

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Have a great one!