Do you have one?

I don’t.

The most I can claim is that I wash my face with my ENJO face mitt and water morning and night.
It easily removes makeup and leaves my face feeling clean and fresh.
If I notice my skin is a little tight or dry, I put on a squirt of Oil of Olay (I only use this because it’s available at Costco near where I buy toothpaste and soap).

That’s it.

Not good.

If you’re like me, you probably find it all so overwhelming.
Everyone professes to have pro-techta-hydro-fuse-it-all and omega-something-or-other – but what does it mean and how do you know what to choose?

This is where I value unbiased, unsolicited and unsponsored reports.
Consumer Reports is fantastic for mechanical items – cars, DVD players, computers, toasters etc. but I couldn’t find anything for skin creams.

I see endless e-mails and party invites for Mary Kay, Arbonne, Aloette and the like – but who can afford to buy them all to test out to get the best one?

Well, I have permission to share this post from my gal-pals at Pink Ink
They have tested Arbonne, Aloette, Mary Kay, Luminesce, ENJO, Seacret and Skincerity on themselves for a period of time and have provided a write up for each – as well as their personal favourite.  





Product comparison chart for various MLM skin care lines

I LOVE this!

I do have to footnote this with the recommendation that you read the write-ups on each product line available on their blog – click here -, and by saying that this is their experience and their opinion.  Different skincare lines may work better for your skin type.

For me, this was all I needed to get me on the path to clean, clear and healthy skin.

41 might be a bit late, but better late than never right?

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 Have a great one!

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