Odie made a friend the Sunday night.

Or at least Odie must have thought the black and white cat was a friend – because he got close enough to sniff his new buddy’s butt and WHAMMO!

Skunked - 3

We found him the next morning with his eyes weeping and his face reeking.  Poor little Otis – he’s such a dough-head!

I tried the 3% hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap solution to try to dissolve some of the oil out, but it didn’t have much effect.  You apply the solution to the animal when he’s dry, let it soak into the fur for 5-20 minutes (I could only do 5 because cats are so tenacious about licking themselves) then you bathe them in cool to lukewarm water to remove the solution.  This solution is really hard on their little tummy and it will even bleach their fur.  The real problem was that he was sprayed in the face, and you can’t put any of those ingredients near his eyes, mouth or nose or he’ll really get sick.

Funnily enough, I was supposed to have a date with my friend Lynn (of ENJO fame), and when I mentioned that our tea date might be a bit aromatic – she suggested I try the ENJO kitchen glove and some Revolution soap.

Skunked - 10

The ENJO fibres work to collect up oil and grease with just water, so that was ideal in treating Odie’s face.

I did use a tiny bit of the Revolution soap – which is made up of coconut oil, sugar starch and natural plant oil and carefully treated his cheeks, forehead and chin – but avoiding the eye, nose and mouth.

I was shocked – it worked!

Not 100% de-skunked, but CONSIDERABLY less stinky.  I’m thinking if I’d used this first, to soak up as many oils as possible, it would have been almost completely gone.  As it was I’d removed some oils, then bathed him (which likely spread any remaining oils around) and then tried the ENJO.

Odie was not impressed with my trial and error and triple bath program.

Skunked - 8


He was very clear that he’d had enough.

Skunked - 5


So what started out as a minor catastrophe (pun intended), ended up being a great learning session for us both.

I’m pretty sure Odie won’t be making friends with any black and white kitties anymore, and I’ll know to use ENJO first (and buy longer gloves).

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