This one has been sitting in my blog folder for some time now – you’ll be able to tell because there’s no snow in the background.

This was an easy-peasy makeover…

The sofa table/console table was $15.  
I got it from a Spa that was going out of business – they had spilled hot wax on it and it had watermarks across the top.

I think they were pleased that I paid $15… it might have been meant for the dump had I not come along.


I didn’t even have to refinish all of this one – I just sanded down the top and found a matching stain.

A little varnish and voila!


I’m pretty sure I sold this for around $75.

Not bad for an hour’s work! (not including drying time)


It’s been so cold lately that I haven’t had a chance to get outside and refinish anything.
My hands are actually twitching for need of it again.

Can’t wait for spring garage sales!

Have a great one!